Building Green

R & R Custom Homes is committed to build energy efficient and environmentally responsible homes and renovations. We will help you select and integrate into your home the latest green features and energy efficient products. Green building products and materials change and are improving constantly. R & R Custom Homes, together with the project architects and consultants, will assist you to make the proper selections for your project and your budget without affecting the quality and craftsmanship expected in an R&R built home. Some of the elements in our homes include:

  • Sediment control measures to minimize erosion during and after construction
  • Engineered storm water management systems to minimize post development surface runoff
  • Forest conservation measures to protect trees and forests
  • Panelized framing to minimize material waste and time
  • Open cell foam insulation
  • Geothermal heating/cooling and other high efficiency HVAC options
  • Tank less and recirculating hot water systems
  • Highly efficient appliances
  • Energy efficient light fixtures and bulbs
  • Energy efficient choices for windows and doors
  • Passive and active solar alternatives
  • Pervious pavers
  • Recycled building and paving materials
  • Wireless device controls for home energy efficiency

These are just a few of the elements that will be discussed and may be introduced in the construction of your new home. Please allow R&R Custom Homes to guide you through the selection and seamless implementation of available materials and systems to make your home as efficient as you desire while minimizing the impact to our environment.